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Neeki Memarzadeh

Neeki Memarzadeh

International Affairs

Neeki Memarzadeh is a fourth year born and raised in Atlanta. She is pursuing a joint Bachelors/Masters degree in International Affairs, with a focus in Modernization & Development and Science & Technology. As an Iranian-American, international relations and politics have always been a part of Neeki's life, and her heritage has shaped her academic and professional interests. 

She attended the Atlanta International School where she studied French and Mandarin Chinese. She continued her language studies at Georgia Tech: through taking Farsi classes, completing a...


  • Nov 13 to Jan 31

    Georgia Tech Faculty and Staff Art Exhibit

    The Office of the Arts presents the second annual Arts@Tech Faculty and Staff Art Exhibit.

  • Jan 12

    Manual Cinema: The End of TV

    Set in a postindustrial Rust Belt city in the 1990s, The End of TV explores the quest to find meaning amid a constant barrage of commercial images.

  • Jan 15

    Spring 2019 Student Organization Tabling Fair

    Each semester, the Student Organizations Tabling Fair connects registered student organizations to the Georgia Tech community.

  • Jan 25

    Komansé Dance Theater: Skid

    Skid is a celebration of the vulnerability and strength of humanity. Komansé Dance Theater, led by Georgia Tech student Raianna Brown, takes a provocative look at homelessness and gentrification in the metro Atlanta area and beyond.