MLK Campus Celebration

The Office of the Vice President of Institute Diversity chairs the Campus-wide Martin Luther King Jr. Campus Celebration Committee. Co-chairs represent Ivan Allan College, Student Diversity Programs, Government & Community Relations and the Student Center. In addition, other faculty, staff and students serve on the committee. The Committee has worked diligently to make the Campus Celebration worthy of an institution of higher education situated in the city that played an integral role in the Civil Rights Movement. Since its inception in 2011, the Committee has hosted notable speakers like the honorable Julian Bond, Ms. Myrlie Evers-Williams, Martin Luther King, III, and Rwandan diplomat and current Permanent Representative of Rwanda to the United Nations – His Excellency, Ambassador Eugeᡃne-Richard Gasana. The Campus-wide Celebration features a key-note speech, Student Celebration, MLK Day of Service, Civil Rights Tour and a Sunday Supper – a day where students who have participated in MLK campus events come together over a meal to discuss the true meaning of the holiday and what they took away.

MLK Student Celebration

2017 will mark the seventh annual Student Celebration, and the celebration attracts a diverse group of students. Students will gather to hear four energized student speakers who will participate in a highly selective application process; last year’s speakers received a professionl padfolio from Buzzfunds.  In addition, several student organizations will provide entertainment e.g. spoken word, stepping, singing, dance, and various cultural celebrations. The event culminates with over 50 student organizations lighting a candle on behalf of Dr. King. At the reception, students stayed around for hours to congratulate the speakers and talk about the meaning of the holiday. Last year, the student committee provided an opportunity for students to reflect by posting their thoughts on white boards. The Student Celebration is hosted by Mr.  & Ms. Georgia Tech. The celebration will be held on Thursdy, January 12, 2017 at the Student Center Ballroom at 7:00 PM. Please contact Lauren Bell or Christine Brockman if you want to sign your student organization up for the Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Civil Rights Tour

A few years ago, the MLK Student Borad strongly encouraged the Office of Student Diversity Programs to lead students on Civil Rights tours. For the past three-years, the MLK Campus Celebration ended with a trip to a destination to explore the history of the Civil Rights era and visit key locations that played a major factor toward the Equal Rights Movement. The MLK Student Committee toured the Civil Rights sites in Montgomery, AL and Birmingham, AL in 2012 and 2013 respectively.  In 2014, the committee voted unanimously to tour the Civil Rights Sites in Memphis, TN. The tours have followed the life of Dr. Martin Luther King; Jr. Memphis TN is where Dr. King was assassinated.  Theses cultural immersions provided a first-hand experience for up to 70 students and 30 faculty and staff members to gain an awareness of where we have come as a nation with respect to diversity and civil rights and also highlights the work we must continue in order to establish a more equitable and just world. This event is one of the best examples of faculty-student interaction and engagement.  In 2015, over 700 individuals from the Georgia Tech community toured the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. In 2017, Seventy students and thirty faculty will be able to tour Civil Rights sites in Washington, D.C. Participants will visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture, the National Mall, and other historic sites. The tour is a bargain at $100 for students and $150 for faculty. Your fee includes a two-night stay with breakfast, charter bus service, and tickets to selected venues.

Students who cannot afford the fee can apply for a Parents Fund for Student Life & Leadership Student Leadership Grant by November 18 by visiting https:// In addition, students may apply for the grant now.  Our goal is to make sign-up available by November 14.

How to Sign Up for the Tour

Click on the RSVP tab at the top of this page or on this link. You will see a link for students and a link for faculty. Please note that our goal is to increase faculty-student interaction, and our priority is to register faculty at this time. However, the names of staff from sponsoring units or departments may be submitted by the Dean or Department Chair. Staff cannot use this link. Payment will be made through Marketplace. Once an individual signs up, an email will be sent to you to direct to you to Marketplace where you will be directed to pay by Credit/Debit Card. You will have three business days to make your payment, or we will go to the next person on the list. We will take up to 30 additional students and 15 faculty for the wait list. Being on the wait list will not guarantee you a spot on the tour. Please note once payment is made, refunds will not be issued. In addition, you will see a 2% service fee due to the Marketplace fee.

Students who need funding can apply for a Parent Fund for Student Life & Leadership Student Leadership Grant by November 18 by visiting Please note that everyone will not be able to receive a grant; please apply for the grant if that is the only way you can participate. You should not wait on the grant to register for the trip. When you fill out the form, write the word GRANT in the diet section.

The MLK Student Board is very excited about this opportunity. All questions regarding participation and payment should be directed to Stephanie Ray at or 404-894-8918. Other questions may be directed to Maria Yagnye or Megan Banks. Faculty will be staying in single rooms, and students will be staying in double rooms. We will make a good effort to place students with friends. However, each student must have made the cut-off for the trip, and each roommate must request each-other. We will deal with room selections at a later date; please do not share that information with us now. In addition, we want everyone to be able to fully participate on the tour; please let Stephanie Ray know as soon as possible if you need a reasonable accommodation.

Student Board

Milton James & Camera Dunn - Student Board Co-chairs
Lauren Bell & Christine Brockman - Student Celebration Committee Co-chairs
Maria Yagnye & Megan Banks - Civil Rights Tour of D.C. Committee Co-chairs
Brianna Honeywell & Kayla Broughton - Cultural Events Committee Co-chairs
Nikole McLeish & Celeste Runnels - Student Speaker Committee Co-chairs
Chaz Woodall & Jess Mints - Public Relations Committee Co-chairs

If you are interested in serving on a Committee, please contact Dean Stephanie Ray (